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Meditate into Mindfulness

  • Meditate using original Artwork anytime, anywhere

  • Use your phone and let the Artwork float cloud like or remain still

  • Slip your phone into a virtual viewer and create your own    spa like space

  • All versions have a musical component that accentuates the visual experience

Meditate anytime, anywhere

Find peace and happiness by using our Relaxing Art in Motion full-screen version for your phone. Begin by clicking the video, put your earbuds in and relax as you gently float through beautiful paintings filled with vibrant colors.


Smart TV

What about a TV Screen in the comfort of your home. Relax by yourself or with someone else, and fill your room with positive energy by having this fantastic artwork played on your TV screen.

Using virtual viewer glasses.

To escape the reality and get lost in the beautiful artwork, slip your phone into the virtual viewer, put your earbuds in, sit back and relax.

Move n Art Sample
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Tyrrell Masse - Encaustic "Under The Current"

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