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Technology at its most Tranquil

     Imagine. The crowds have dispersed. You are seated in your favorite art gallery in front of a beautiful painting. There’s nowhere else you have to be. Just here. Just now. You relax and let your eyes wander across the canvas. Colors gently wash over you. A tightness you didn’t even realize was there released on your shoulders. A weight is lifted. Your breathing slows and deepens a bit. An electric warmth curls through your veins. You feel both calm and revitalized. Art is a powerful meditative tool. Now, without ever leaving your office, home, or your favorite “third space,” Move n Art Relaxation delivers this serenity, this escape.

     Many practitioners rely solely on guided audio meditations. Move n Art is a feast for eyes and ears a visual and auditory transcendence that enriches your meditative practice. Each session includes a carefully curated piece of artwork through which you are visually guided. You feel each nuance—shapes, lines, curves, color gradation. And while your eyes meander, your ears swoon to a gentle musical selection. After your 17-minute sensory sabbatical, you return to your day refreshed. Choose your favorite medium – virtual reality viewer glasses, phone, laptop, or TV - we provide the appropriate format for each.

     A delight to those who enjoy Move n Art, the sessions also provide an additional channel, new audiences for visual artists who wish to share their work. By offering Move n Art as part of your practice, visual artist Peggy Masse hopes to share with you the creative, freeing meditative experience she enjoys while painting. Move n Art Relaxation is technology at its most tranquil.


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Meet the Founder

Peggy Masse

CEO and Founder of Move n Art Relaxation

Peggy Masse is a mother, artist and entrepreneur born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and now resides in New Jersey. Peggy was widowed in 2016 and decided to expand the Move n Art business she and John, her late husband, built together. They believed most of us needed more beauty and tranquility in our lives and art is an essential and often untapped venue to wellness. This was the founding principle of Move n Art. As a visual artist, Peggy strives to create new ways to experience art. In 2008 Move n Art brought original artists work from a DVD to your TV. Through art people often find a calm center, undiscovered balance and harmony.


What was once a DVD is now a digital app and it is available everywhere to everyone. Move n Art provides meditation through carefully curated art accompanied by music. It offers a seductive way to come into mindfulness. Artwork floats across or remains still, soft music adds ambiance and eases away stress. You can access Move n Art virtually anywhere on your phone or tablet screen or you can enhance the meditative experience by slipping your phone into a virtual viewer, creating your own personal spa-like space. Beautiful colors and textures bring the artwork to life, melting tension away.


Another way to enjoy Move n Art is to use the app on your Smart TV. Sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home or entertain and let others feel the unique dimension of art. No matter how you access Move n Art, you can select from a variety of art from local artist in the US and around the world.


Move n Art makes it simple to enjoy art and relax at the same time.


Move n Art believes visual artists deserve an advocate who can provide broad exposure to their work. Each piece will have the artist’s contact information, so their work is exposed to a variety of markets. We also support artists who live in parts of the world removed from large cultural and artistic hubs. Our Mission is to bring the artists energy to everyone.

Move N Art - Peggy Masse


Experience Virtual Relaxation with Move n Art Beautiful Art and Music formatted for your phone, TV, and virtual viewers to enjoy personal meditation anywhere and anytime.

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