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Become a Move n Art Relaxation Artists 

Are you interested in marketing your artwork to an entirely new demographic?

Are you open to new ideas?

Would you like to increase your sales?


If you answered yes… Then join us and become a Move n Art Artist. 


Move n Art will provide you with a new way to market your art on a global basis. By utilizing our unique technology, your artwork will have more exposure and will be seen in more homes and businesses throughout the world. 

Move n Art has designed a distinctive method for experience art. Art for meditation. A wonderful new way to relax with art. Our passion!!! People love the new format that helps them get out of the world, if only for a few minutes. A visual way to meditate into mindfulness. Each piece is produced into a unique art work that is displayed on a mobile devise or smart TV floating cloud like or still, with a peaceful musical component. 


Benefits of Becoming a Move n Art Artist:


* A cost effective tool to sell and promote your art. 

* Artist contact information on each piece of art. 

* Expands your customer scope in terms of sales and recognition. 

  • ​After the first month all artists art (Digital Format) will be transfer to Library for sale at 0.99. Commissions will be divided equally between artist, musician and Move n Art.

  • Our distribution network provides the means to reach an audience previously unavailable and extends your exposure.


Start today and take advantage of our $25 discount offer. Contact us now at Pay only $100 per piece (discount of $25). We will send you the production package. You will provide us with a piece of your art in a format provided in the package. ​


Move n Art will create a superior product that is affordable. Our teams production ensures that the uniqueness of each artist’s painting is maintained and of the utmost quality. 


It is as easy as that!!

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