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Features of Move n Art Relaxation

Move n Art Relaxation features talented artists original artwork in video form that serenely moves around the painting, helping you meditate and relax anywhere using your phone, tablet, TV, and any other screening devices.

* Free One Months Subscription

* Monthly Subscription $9.95 

* Annual Subscription $49.95

  • Five new pieces of art every month.

  • Artist contact information is available on each piece.

  • Subscribers can view the 5 pieces as many times as they want within the month.

  • Subscribers have access to Library, specials and new features.

  • The pieces are available moving or still

  • The pieces are available in the format for a virtual viewer.

  • The pieces can be used across multiple formats; Smart phone, tablet, virtual viewer and smart TV.



Move n Art Relaxation Library

5 pieces of art are featured every month for monthly and yearly subscribers. The monthly subscription
is $9.99 and the yearly is $49.99, please see our subscriptions page to join. Subscribers can view the 5
pieces as many times as they want within the month.
Once the month has expired the art piece is then moved here, into Move n Art Library where it is
available for purchase. Each piece is available for $0.99. It is available moving or still and will work
across multiple formats; smart phone, tablet, virtual viewer and smart TV.

  • The MNAR Library updates every month

  • Soft music accompanies each piece

Artists digital work will remain in the MNAR Library for purchase. 

(Moving Video, Virtual Viewer Moving Video & Still Video) $0.99

  • Continually updating Library with beautiful art to add to your collection.

  • Enjoy a variety of art just like you have a variety of music.

  • Enjoy the soft music that accompanies each painting or play your own musical selection.

* Use on your Smart TV to create a pleasing atmosphere.

  • Great for dinner or cocktail parties.

  • Stimulate conversation.

  • Excellent alternative to a blank screen.

  • Own art at a fraction of the cost.

  • An exciting new way to experience art.

  • Sustainable art.

  • Great Gift idea.



Eliminating stress and finding inner peace. Meditation benefits include physical wellness, emotional psychological and spiritual well Being. Continued use will assist you in reaching inner peace and tranquility where change and transformation can occur.

How to Use:

Three Versions of art work

* Full Screen (Smart Phones and Mobile Devices): Click on art, turn phone to landscape, put earbuds in, adjust music, sit back and relax.

* Virtual Viewer (Smart Phones): Click to virtual viewer screen, turn to landscape, put in ear buds from Virtual Viewer, adjust music, sit back and relax.

* Larger Screen (Smart TV): Download the app on your Smart TV, login into your account, click on art and enjoy Move n Art Relaxation artwork.



This meditation program render is inappropriate for use while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Move n Art Relaxation products are intended to be powerful tools for personal growth and healing. They are not intended as a substitute for medical care. Please use these visual products under the supervision of your personal care provider. Neither Move n Art Relaxation LLC or the artists assume any responsibility for your improper use of this product.

If you are dealing with any significant eye health issue such as vertigo, dizzy spells, equilibrium, Labyrinthitis (infection of inner ear), Lightheadedness, loss of balance, consult your physician first before proceeding to use the Virtual Viewer version of Move n Art Relaxation.

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